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Fairtrade Friendly Sushi Rattle

Fairtrade Friendly Sushi Rattle

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PEBBLE Friendly Sushi Rattle - Omelette — This little rattle is modeled after the Japanese Tamago Egg. Its constant smile will be sure to brighten any child's day and it is oh, so grabbable! Handstitched with100% cotton yarn, it is lightweight and soft. The rattle inside has a very gentle sound when shaken. Perfect for hours of pretend play.

A Pebble rattle is more than just a toy, more than 13,000 women are now employed making Pebble toys in their home village in Pakistan. They walk to work, taking their babies with them. There they sit together, yarn spilling onto their laps as they knit community and love together in each heirloom Pebble toy. Pebble was born out of a love for babies and their mothers.

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